Your electric bill is blown away...!

Why should we choose wind energy?

Why should we choose wind energy?

  • It is the most popular renewable energy source worldwide
  • With a well-sized device your electric bill can be zero
  • or even the provider pays for the additional energy
  • Unlimited, free energy source independently of the period of the day
  • Considerable amount of energy can be generated in a small place
  • Completely environmentally friendly
  • It can be used not only for lighting but for heating, too


Why is it worth it?

  • High efficiency and excellent return on your investment(4 - 6 years)
  • Produces to the grid and the energy is stored in the grid
  • Free electricity for decades

I-Wind - The combination of developed rotor and revolutionary control

The efficiency of our wind generator is determined by three factors:

  • The design and effectiveness of the rotor
  • The design, effectiveness and the needed rotary speed of the generator
  • The revolutionary control

To whom do we recommend it?

Immediate savings can be achieved through support and/or financial forms which are available for businesses, residential communities and individuals as well.

For large factories

For small businesses

For individuals

Energy storage is solved

It generates energy to the grid and stores it there!

Finally, we don't need to store the energy by ourselves!

In the past, the development of devices which use wind and solar energy was heavily blocked because the energy had to be stored in accumulators – which was really expensive.

It was necessary because we mostly need energy not at the time it is generated but later. The sun shines only during the daytime (in fact, its amount is only sufficient in cloudless days) and the wind does not blow everyday, while we want to use energy in our business or apartment to have light, to run electrical machines or to watch TV every single day.

The lawmakers solved this problem for us:

For generators under 50 kVA, so called "small household power plants", the electricity law forces the provider to install a two-way electricity meter (give and take) instead of the traditional electricity meter.(This size is not so small considering that a 50kW generator can sustain approximately 40 households!). Moreover, the law forces the provider to take over the excess energy that we generate to the same grid from which we take the energy. The provider has to create a balance check from the amount of input and output energy, and based on this, the provider has to calculate the electricity bill. With a well-sized device installed, the electricity bill can be zero, or even the provider pays for the excess energy.

This means that we can use the energy grid as an accumulator! Let’s face it, this is a great opportunity!

Without going into complex fluid mechanics, it can be stated that the efficiency of the vertical wind generator is determined by the shape of blades and their proper size.

The i-WIND generators’ blades – their cross-section resembles a rain drop - grab into the wind with one of their sides while the other one fits into the air stream. The development of those blades took decades of research and knowledge to get the optimal shape and size. Before designing each rotor, wind measurements are made, so the adaptation is optimized for the local wind conditions and it is always based on unique sizing.

Perhaps the structure of the wind generator has even greater impact on its efficiency. This is the "heart" of the control components.

The generator converts the rotary kinetic energy into voltage, respectively into electric energy.
This principle is known for more than a century but the structure of generators has barely changed in the last 50 years. Even today, the manufacturers are creating generators that can be found in textbooks from the ’60-s, however, their newer generation of course.

The i-WIND generator is based on known physical principles but based on our experience, its efficiency is better than the previous generators, especially at low engine speeds.

Inside the continents, so in Hungary as well, it is typical that the wind is not blowing evenly, its direction and speed are often changing. That is why the control of the wind generator must be able to get electricity into the grid with the same frequency and current as the alternating current has. The control of the i-WIND is capable of doing that, so it is able to extract every ounce of energy even from changing wind.

The combination of the excellent rotor, the revolutionary designed generator and the intelligent control system enables that the i-WIND small wind turbines meet the technical, economical and durability requirements of household-scale power plants.

It can be declared that we do not know of any other device that has the appropriate technical features to reach or approach the i-WIND small wind generators’ parameters.

You cannot go by this opportunity without a word!

This is our children’s future, the energy of the future!

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